Are You Ready to Turn Your Personal Brand into a Profitable 6-Figure Expert Brand?

Hello Ladies, My name is LaMonica Moore-Madden and I help women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and speakers turn their ordinary personal brands into extraordinary profitable brands by turning their knowledge, experience, and expertise into lucrative online programs, products, workshops, seminars, and services.    We help you to turn your suspects into prospects, your prospects into customers, and your customers into life long raving fans.

But I must be honest, I don't just work with any and everyone. The type of women I work with are active or aspiring coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, evangelist, women entrepreneurs and network marketers. These women are finding it challenging to create a sustainable monthly income online and attract a consistent number of eyeballs to their offers or they know that they are ready to step out and start their own thing but just don't know or understand all of the moving parts to getting started successfully. I show them how to do that in a proven step-by-step format.

I offer complimentary Getting Acquainted Sessions to women who are looking to for support in creating their online brand empire.
If Your Serious about Up Leveling Your Business and Playing A Bigger Game Than You Need To Schedule A Complimentary Discovery Session With Me!
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Lindsey Morales, Life Reinvention Strategist www.LindseyMorales.com

"I have had the pleasure of working with LaMonica in her ¨Monetize Your Brand Business School¨for the past couple of months. Lamonica is a true leader who stays updated on all the latest trends in social media marketing and entrepreneurship. In a short amount of time she has assisted me with the tools I need to establish a strong professional coaching brand. If your interested in sharing your coaching or consulting gifts with the world, but you don't know how to start I recommend you start her business school. You will be so happy you did."

W. Sarah Fletcher, Trainer & Development Expert
Greatness Realized

"LaMonica is amazingly gifted at propelling your brand stage center. Her knowledge and strategies for implementation are phenomenal and her acumen superb. Quite simply, she is a branding genius the go-to expert and coach for branding."

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Deidre Johnson-Dixon

"LaMonica Moore is a force to be reckoned with!!! She's such a young woman with a precise focus regarding assisting women to reach their goals & dreams. The Massive U program is a wonderful program - sign up now, you'll have no regrets! :-)"

Andre Anderson, Speaker/Strategic Communication Consultant

"I hired LaMonica almost 2 years ago, not truly understanding why or what I was looking to do with my business. I had thoughts and dreams but couldn't put legs to them. After doing 6 months of LaMonica's programs, I launched a new website that has helped so many people across the world and began building multiple programs to get closer to the dreams I had years ago.
After a few months of working on things, LaMonica and I went back to an earlier lesson (Module) we had gone over months before. The first time we went over it, it sounded great but I wasn't in a position to capitalize on the information and use it to the fullest. I remembered bits and pieces, but what we went over in our follow up sessions enabled me to put together some programs that are next level for my field and will help hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
LaMonica has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and strategies. You may think you are doing well at the moment and you may even be happy with where you are. I've found that there is always higher to climb and more we can be doing. You just need to lock arms with the right people to help you get to that next level. LaMonica is your person. 6 months with her will change the way you see your business, life and value in the world. Over 12 months can revolutionize your life and the world around you. 2 years will put you light years ahead of where you ever thought you would be. Trust me. I thought I was OK and done after 6 months but I'm so glad I stayed connected with her and her team for much longer.
It's time for you to expand your reach and do bigger things than you ever thought possible. Set up a connection phone call on her site and see what she is about.
Your future is calling. It's time to answer. Was that cheesy? Sounded a bit cheesy when I said it out loud. You get it though."
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